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This site features only my current work for sale. All of these paintings are done in a style I call Psychotic Writing. Please contact me if you would like to purchase one. In case you are interested, they are listed on this page most recent first.

Follow Your HeartFollow Your Heart
Nothing Ventured Nothing GainedNothing Ventured Nothing Gained
Pink Nothing 2Pink Nothing 2
Pink Nothing 1Pink Nothing 1
Sleepless NightsSleepless Nights
Nothing to FearNothing to Fear
Enflamed with DesireEnflamed with Desire
Love and PeaceLove and Peace
Happy ThoughtsHappy Thoughts

Psychotic Writing

In 2002 I started making paintings in a style I call psychotic writing as an experiment in painting about painting. I have always been interested in typography, calligraphy and integrating text into my artwork, but I was not successful with this until I started abstracting or devolving the writing.

This style is characterized by layer after layer of brushstrokes in an orgy of texture, color and unconscious composition.


In a psychotic writing painting, I start with a clearly written phrase on a background color and proceed to abstract the characters. I allow the painting surface to dry between layers of carefully chosen colors. I paint clear alphanumeric characters, parts of characters and purely expressive brushstrokes. My process is fairly unconscious and I try to only paint what the painting needs. As the texture grows, I add marks to help the eye flow around the surface.

I am fascinated by accretions in nature—the pearly nacre of an abalone shell, strata in sedimentary rock, detritus on a forest floor. My paintings grow over time like something organic. Sometimes it takes several years to complete one.


Both of my college painting professors were colorists, which has greatly influenced the way I think about color. I usually play a game with it and I most often imagine a color scheme before I come up with the phrase I am going to abstract. The color serves as inspiration for the emotional tone of the painting. I may choose a particular pigment or hue as the feature, but sometimes my process is exclusionary and I decide not to use a certain hue or I restrict the palette to a limited range of pigments.

Materials and Techniques

In our increasingly artificial and mass-produced world, I find comfort in using materials and techniques that painters in the West have used for centuries. I paint in oil on rigid surfaces. All of my paintings should last for more than a century.

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