A Little About Me


I started taking photographs when I was 12 at my grandmother's urging. In the days of film, I did all of my own processing and printing (but I do not miss smelly darkrooms at all).

After college, I worked in a professional photo lab in the film department. I also assisted a photographer on a couple fashion shoots.

In 2004 I finally went digital. I love everything about it. Now my photography can more easily fuse with my painting. I love Photoshop.

Commercially, I am specializing in male photography. But I love to shoot plants and landscapes as well.


I come from an artistic family, and I have been creating art since I could hold a crayon. I was a serious, college-bound science student in high school, so I didn't have time to take more than one art elective. But I transformed in college from a science geek into an artist.

It is incredibly difficult to pursue a career in art, I have found. Supporting oneself sometimes uses up all available time and energy, and there is no room for art making. I have painted on and off for the last 20 years as a result. I am currently working on more than a dozen paintings that I can't wait to show the world. I will be featuring more paintings from the past on this site in the future.

This quotation helped me find time for art. As Nike says, "just do it":


Born and Raised in: Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Education: Bachelor of Arts, Fine Arts with Honors, Franklin & Marshall College
Work Experience: photography, graphic design, copy editing, art history slide librarian, document management, web development
I lived in Chicago for quite a few years before moving to Seattle in 1999

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